Vazhthuka Nee Maname

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D         A       G           Em
Vazhthuka nee maname – en parane
D         A       D
Vazhthuka nee maname

G                    D
Vazhthuka than sudha namathe perthu
G         D     G   C    A  D
parthivan thannupakarathe orthu

Ninnakruthyam paranokeyum pokki
thinnamai rogangal neeki nannakki

Nanmayal vaaikavan thrupthiye thannu
navyamakkunnu nin yauvanaminnu

Makkalil karunnyam thathanennonam
bhaktharil valsallya vanavan nunam

Pullinu thullyamee jeevitham vayalil
puvenna’polithu pokunnu thulakil

Than neeyamangale kaathidunnorkum
thannude dhasarkum thaan daya kaakkum

Nithya rajavivanorkukil sarva
shrishtikalum sthuthikunna yehova
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