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Thuna Enikkyeshuve (തുണയെനിക്കേശുവേ)

Thunayenikkeshuve | M E Cherian | Sujatha | Traditional Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs

Songwriter/Composer/Translator M E Cherian

G               Em  G            Em
Thuna enikkyeshuve  kuraviniyilladhaal
C          A         D   F
Anu dhinam than nizhalin
Em      D            G
Maravil vasicheedum njaan

G                  Bm
Avan entae sankethavum
B                Em
Avalambavum kottayum
C        A     D    F
Avaniyil aagulathil
Em         D7     G
Avan mathi aasrayippaan

Pakaentae kannigallilum pagarunna vyadhiyillum
Pagallilium raavilum thaan pagarnidum kruba mazhapol

Sharanam avan tharum thaan chirakugalin keezhil
Parichayum palakayum aam parameni paaridathil

Valamidam aayirangal valliyavar veenaalum
Valayamai ninnenae valabhan kaatheedumae

Agula vellagallil abathu naalugallil
Agathan aam aarikkil ashvasipicheeduvaan
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