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Yeshu Manavalan Namme Cherkuvan (യേശു മണവാളൻ നമ്മെ ചേർക്കുവാൻ)

Yeshu Manavalan | K G Markose | Christian Songs | യേശു മണവാളൻ

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Traditional

E               B           E
Yeshu manavalan namme cherkuvan
              F#m      B
Madhya vaanil velippeduvan
E      E7       A
Kaalam   aasannamai priyare
B                 E
Orungam vishudhiyode

E           A        E         B
Cherum naam vegathil impa veedathil
E            A       B           E
kaanum naam annaalil priyan ponmugham

Yudhangalum kshamavum bhookampavum
Adikkadi uyarnnidumpol
Kanthan yeshu varan kaalamai
Orungam vishuthiyode
Roga-dhukangalum maranamathum
Thellum nee bhayappedathe

Dheham mannodu chernnennalum
Roopandaram prapikum
Chadu chade uyarkum vishudharellam
Kaahala naadham kelkumpol
Paaril.. paarthidum naam annalil
Roopandharam praapikkum
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