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Athyuchathil Paadum Njan (അത്യുച്ചത്തിൽ പാടും ഞാൻ)

Photo by Joe Raedle
Athyuchathil(Then sings my soul) - Praise Generation Live Worship

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Carl Gustav Boberg
Malayalam version of How Great Thou Art

       F           Bb
O daivame raajaadi raaja deva
       F           C    F
Aadiyantham illa maheshane
      F            Bb
Survvalokam angaye vandhikkunne
          F      C         F
Saadu njaanum veenu vanangunne

        F       Bb              F
Athyuchathil paadum njan karthaave
        Gm        F
Angethrayo mahonnathan
        F       Bb              F
Athyuchathil paadum njan karthaave
        Gm  Bb        F
Angethrayo     mahonnathan

Sainyangalin naayakanangallayo
Dhanyanaaya ekaadipathiyum
Immaanuvel veeranaam daivavum nee
Anyamillethum thava naamampol

Athyagaadam aazhiyananthavaanam
Thaaraajaalam kaanana parvvatham
Maarivillum thaarum thalirumellaam
Nin mahathwam gkoshikkum santhatham

Ezhayenne ithrramel sanehikkuvan
En daivame enthullu neechan njaan
Nin rudhiram thannnne veendeduppan
Krushilethum nee ninne thazthiyo
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