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Kashtangalilum Pathareedalle (കഷ്ടങ്ങളിലും പതറിടല്ലേ)

Kashtangalilum pathareedalle Kannuneerilum malayalam Christian song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Pastor Sam T Mukhathala

Fm             Db
Kashtangalilum pathareedalle
Bb            Bbm
Kannuneerilum thalarnneedalle
     Ab             Eb
Njan ennum ninte Daivam
    Cm           Fm
Nee ennum entethanne

      Fm                 C
Ninte vishwasamo bhangam varikayilla
     Ab                 Eb
Athu prapichidum nishchayam
     Bbm                  Bb
Athu prapikkumpol nashtam labhamakum
        Eb            Fm
Dhukham santhoshamayi marum

Ninne thakarkkuvano ninne mudikkuvano
Allalla ee vedana
Ninne pannutheduthu nalla ponnakkuvan
Allayo ee shodhana

Ninn kuttam vidhichu thallikkalanjennalum
Pirupiruppillathe mumpottu pokuka
Yeshu ennum ninte koode
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