Ethra Nallavan Yeshuparan

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D                     F#m
Ethra nallavan yeshuparan
       A          D
Mithra manenikennuman

D                  F#
Nin thiru chirakin maravil njanennum
G        E       D
Nir bhayamai vasikum
G            D         F#m D
Ethoru kedam varikilum ente
A                 D
Yeshuvil charidum njan

Ethra nallavan yeshuparan...

Enne karangalil vahichidum than
Ente kannuneer thudachidum than

Kurirul mudumen jeevitha vaziyil
Anugrahamay nadathum

Ethra nallavan yeshuparan...

Enne vilichaven viswasthanam
Ennum Maratha valla bhanam

Inne enikka kayal akulamilla
Mannaven en thunayam

Ethra nallavan yeshuparan...

Loka sukangale thyegichidum njan
Sneha nathane anugamikum

Nindakal sahichum jevane pakachum
Poruthu menna yussellam

Ethra nallavan yeshuparan...
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