En Priyane Yeshuve Rakshaka

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Dm        F        C        Dm
En priyane Yeshuve rakshaka
F        Bb
Nin karamenmel vaykka
Shudhy cheykenne

Dm        G            C                F
O Karthave nin agny ennil kathatte
Bb              F
Ashudhy ellam charamakatte
     C                        Dm
Njan thilangunna muthakatte

En hridayam chindakal eshtangal
Vennmayay theeratte entethay ellam (O Karthave)

En karangal padangal pathakal
Vennmayay theeratte entetham ellam (O Karthave)

En kannukal kathukal bandhangal
Vennmayay theeratte entetham ellam (O karthave)
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