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En Priyane Yeshuve Rakshaka (എൻ പ്രിയനേ യേശുവേ രക്ഷകാ)

Last updated on June 18th, 2022 at 05:07 pm

En Priyane Yeshuve | Kester | R S Vijayaraj | Super Hit Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs

Songwriter/Translator/Composer R S Vijayaraj

Dm      F       C        Dm
En priyane Yeshuve rakshaka
F          Gm
Nin karamenmel vaykka
C            F
Shudhy cheykenne

Dm      G            C         F
O Karthave nin agny ennil kathatte
Bb              F
Ashudhy ellam charamakatte
     C                  Dm
Njan thilangunna muthakatte

En hridayam chindakal eshtangal
Vennmayay theeratte entethay ellam

O Karthave...

En karangal padangal pathakal
Vennmayay theeratte entetham ellam

O Karthave...

En kannukal kathukal bandhangal
Vennmayay theeratte entetham ellam

O Karthave...
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