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Rajadhirajan Mahimayode (രാജാധി രാജൻ മഹിമയോടെ)

Last updated on October 20th, 2021 at 02:35 pm

Rajadhirajan Mahimayode With LyricsHD Malayalam Christian Song

Em     D     Bm      G
Rajadhirajan Mahimayode
Bm       D     Bm       Em
Vanameghathil Ezhunnallarai

Em                      A       Em
Klesam Theernnu Nam Nithyam Vasippan
  A            D         Em
Vasamorukkan Poya Priyan Than
D              Em
Vasamorukkan Poya Priyan Than

Ninna Kashtatha Parihasangal 
Dooshikalellam Theeran Kalamai

Prana Priyante Ponnu Mughathe
Thejassode Nam Kanan Kalamai

Naadhanumai Vasam Cheyyuvan
Kalam Sameepamai Priyare

Yugayugamai Priyan Kootenam
Vazhum Sudinam Aasannamai
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