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Srishtavam Daivame En Yeshuve (സൃഷ്ടാവാം ദൈവമെ എൻ യേശുവേ)

Srishtavam Daivamae (feat. Lordson Antony)

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Jomon Philip Kadampanad
Hindi version: Srishti Karta Yeshu Mere (सृष्टि करता येशू मेरे)

B                       E       F#
  Srishtavam daivame en yeshuve
B                      E       F#
  Nithyanam daivame en Yeshuve
C#m        D#m
Unnathanam nayakane
E           D#m
Vandithanam nayakane
C#m         D#m
Saukhyathin dayakane
E         D#m
E                                F#
  Varunnu njan nin thiru sannidhiyil

           B       G#m
Parishuddhane Rajaave
     E          F#
Ange Vazthidunnitha
     B        G#m
Veeranam Daivame
     E         F#  B
Ange Namicchidunne

B        E         C#m     B
Avanente shailavum en kottayum
G#m       E
Avan ente rakshayum
C#m      B
En aashrayam
   G#m        F#
En parayakunnavan
   G#m           F#
En parichayakunnavan
A         E       F#
Avan ente upanidhiye

Parishuddhane Rajaave...

Nin hitham polenne nadathane 
Pokenda vazhi enne kanikkane
Kurirulayalum thazvarayayalum
En kudeyirikkunnone
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