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Yeshuvin Sneham Orthaal (യേശുവിൻ സ്നേഹമോർത്താൽ)

Yeshuvin snehamorthal/nelson john thodupuzha /yeshuvin sneham orthal/yeshuvin sneham

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Samson Kottoor

Gm                Bb
Yeshuvin sneham orthaal
        F        Gm
Kalvari yaagam orthaal
F               Gm
Nandi niranjeedunnu

Gm             Bb
Karthavente jeevithathil
Gm             Bb      F
Bharangalellam neekkiyathal
Cm              F
Papathil ninnum mochanam nalkiya
Thyagathe orthu njaan padidunnu
Eb       F              Gm
Ennaalum aashrayam yeshuvil

Rogathil saukhyameshu
Jeevante marggameshu
Innente nathanallo

Karthavente jeevithathil...

Aashayatt-uzhanja ente
Antharika aanandamaay

Karthavente jeevithathil...
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