Nandiyalennullam Thullunne

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Lyrics/Music: M M Thomas

     D#                A#
Nandiyalennullam thullunne
     Fm                D#
Vallabha nin krupaorkumpol
      D#     G#         Gm  Cm
Varnnichidan sadhyamallathu
   Fm           A#            G# D#
En jeevithathil cheitha kreeyakal

Kodum Papiairunnenne
Van chettil ninnum kayatti
Kristhuvakum paramel nirthi
Puthen pattumente navilthannathal

Van shodhana velayil
Thee chulain naduvil
Charathananju rekshicha
Mama kandhane nin snehamorkumpol

Ie lokam tharatha shandhien
Hrithe niracha snehavan
Ennennum kathidunnenne
Nithya kandhanai than kude vazhuvan
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