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Daiva Sneham Varnichidaan (ദൈവസ്നേഹം വർണ്ണിച്ചീടാൻ)

Daiva Sneham Varnichidan Song With Lyrics | Malayalam Christian Song | K J Yesudas

Songwriter/Composer/Translator P K Gopi, Tomin J Thachankari

D            Em           A
Daiva sneham varnichidaan
Vaakukal pora
D             Em            A
Nandhi cholli teerkkuvan ee
Jeevitham poraa

             G           D
Kashtapaadin kaalengalil
             G            D 
Rekshikkunna snehamortaal
Etra stutichaalum mativarumo

Daiva sneham... 

D           Em        D
Swantamaayi onnumilla
          G          D
Sarvathum nin daanam
              Em       D
               G     D
Sambattil mayangaate
Mannil soubagyam
Aalmam nastamaayaal balamevide

Daiva sneham...

Swapnangal polinjaalum
Dukhataal valanjaalum
Mitrangal akanaalum
Shatrukkal niranaalum
Rekshakavacham nee
Angen munpe pooyaal bhayamevide

Daiva sneham...
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