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Anadhi Nadhan Yeshu En Dhanam (അനാദി നാഥൻ യേശുവെൻ ധനം)

Anadhinadhan Yeshu En Dhanam | M.E. Cherian Hit Song | Mini Bobby | Benson Mathew | Top Tunes ♪ ©

Songwriter/Composer/Translator M E Cherian
To play in C scale, place capo on 1st fret.

Db                        Bbm   
Anadhi Nadhan Yeshu en dhanam
Db      Ab       Db
Anyanam bhoovil ennal
               Ab           Gb  Db
Dhanyanam njan kristhuvil sadha

Db                  Ab             Db
Swargathilen dhanam athenthu shobhanam
Swargathil en dhanam bhadram sushobhanam
Bbm         Ab        Db           Db
Ulakathinte sthapanam athinu munpu en dhanam
Gb       Db         Ab          Db   
Unnathan kristhuvil Daivam munnarinjatham

Anadhi Nadhan Yeshu...

Paapathin ichakal paarin pukazhchakal
Paapathin ichakal paarin pukazhchakal
Kan mayakkum kaazhchakal manmayaral veezhchakal
Onnilum en manam eathume mayangida

Anadhi Nadhan Yeshu...

Innulla shodhana nalkunna vedhana
Innulla shodhana nalkunna vedhana
vishamamullathnekilum vilayundathinu ponnilum
Viswasichasrayichanandhikkum njan sadha

Anadhi Nadhan Yeshu...
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