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Galeela Enna Naattil

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Galeela enna nattil
Yeshu janangale thottu
Bb               F
Kurudar mudandar sakalereyum
Bb    C       F
Yeshu saukyamaki

F          C     F
Halleluyah Rajavinu
Halleluyah Dhaivathinu
Bb         F
Halleluyah Karthavinu
Bb         C      F
Halleluyah Yeshuvinu

Karangal uyarthi padidam naam
Halleluyah Karthavinu

Halleluyah Rajavine...

Vadyathode padidam naam
Halleluyah karthavinu

Halleluyah Rajavine...

Nruthathode paadidan naam
Halleluyah karthavinu

Halleluyah Rajavine...
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