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Krushithanaam Yeshuvine (ക്രൂശിതനാം യേശുവിനെ)
Krushitham || Anil Adoor || Pr. V.T.Rejimon || Malayalam Christian Devotional Song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Ps V T Rejimon, Ps Reji Emmanuel

Krushithanaam yeshuvine
G                D
Aashayode aaradhikkaam
Unnathanam mahonnathane
G          B       Em

Em                  Am
Uyarppin shakthiyal aaradhikkaam
F                    G
Uyarathin shakthiyal aaradhikkaam
Em             D
Unnatha devane aaradhikaam
Bm                Em
Uyirulla kaalavum aaradhikkaam

Krushithanaam yeshuvine...

Aadhiyin nerathilum
    G                 Am
Mahavyadhiyin kaalathilum
F                 D
Ashwasam nalkidum thaan
Bm          Em
G                 Am   D
Aapathunerathilum shokavelayilum
              G  C        D      Em
Aashrayamekidume aanandam nalkidume
C             F  D
C        D      Em
Aanandam nalkidume

Uyarppin shakthiyal...

Krushithanaam yeshuvine...

Changalakal thakarnnidume
Aarppode stuthichidumbol
Aathmavilaaradhichal vaathilukal thuranidum
Albhutha manthriyakum
Rajadhi rajavine
Albhutha manthriyakum
Rajadhi rajavine

Uyarppin shakthiyal...

Krushithanaam yeshuvine...

Maranthin paashangale
Maranathal jayichavane
Mahathwa naadathode
Mahimayil varum nathane
Madhyakasha varavil mathimarannaananthippan
Mahiyil aaradhikkum
Njan mathimarannaaradhikum
Mahimayil aaradhikkum
Njan mathimarannaaradhikum

Uyarppin shakthiyal...

Krushithanaam yeshuvine...

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