Yeshu Ente Adisthanam

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Yeshu ente adisthanam
Am               Bm
Aashrayam avanilathre
F#m                  G
Avanenne nadaththeedunnu
Bm                  Em
Alayaathe marubhoomiyil (2)

Kaaththirikkum visuddharellaam
Kazhukanepole gamikkum
Maddhyaakaasa maniyarayil
Kaanthanumaay veli-cheyyuvaan (2)

Ente priyan athisundaran 
Pathinaayirangngalil sreshttan
Laasarine uyar-ppichchavan 
Paapikale veendeduththavan (2)

Ente desam ivideyalla
Ee lokam saasvathamallaa
Enikkaayittesu naayakan
Orukkunnundoru bhavanam (2) 
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