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Nallavan Yeshu Nallavan (നല്ലവൻ യേശു നല്ലവൻ)

Nallavan Yeshu Nallavan- cover song with intro message by Pr. Roy Cheriyan

G              C    G
Nallavan yeshu nallavan
C                   D
Nalthorum nadathunnaven
Ente kashdathayilum nallavan

G             Am
Anthatha enne mudumpol
C               G
Than prabha enmeludikum
Kurirul thazvra ethumpol
C               G
Kude vannirikum kuttinay

Nallavan yeshu nallavan...

Roga-shayayil njan ethumpol
Njanaven namam vilikum
En kannile kannu-nerellam
Pon karathal than thudaykum

Nallavan yeshu nallavan...

Kashta-kalathu vilichal
Nischayam charathanayum
Parile kleshangal marannu
Padidum njan halleluyah

Nallavan yeshu nallavan...
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