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Nin Sneham Madhuryam (നിൻ സ്നേഹം മാധുര്യം)
Nin Sneham Madhuryam | നിൻ സ്നേഹം മാധുര്യം | तेरा प्यार है महावन

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown
Malayalam version of Tera Pyar Hai Mahaan (तेरा प्यार है महान)

Nin sneham madhuryam
Athu avarnaniyam
     F            C
Papa marannam ettennil
Puthu jeevan nalgiyon
Van kripakayi njan angey vazhthunne
Van kripakayi njan angey vazhthunne
       Bb         F
Vazhthunne vazhthunne
       C                       F
Jeevan nalgi veendedutha karthane

Enn jeevan shunyamai
Marubhu samanamai 
Tanga rektataal enne
Bhalapratham aakiyon

Ennil anandam egi
Nava chaithanyam nalgi
Atma jeeva dayagan
Nitya jeevan nalgi yon 

Atma shakti pagarnum
Abhishekam nalgiyum
Suvishesham ghoshipaan
Enne yogyanakiyon
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