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Karthavu Than Gambhira Nadathodum (കർത്താവു താൻ ഗംഭീരനാദത്തോടും)
Karthavu Than Gambheera | MK Varghese | Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs | Traditional Songs

Songwriter/Composer/Translator M K Varghese

Karthavu than gambhira nadathodum
   Am       G         Am      G
Pradhana daiva dootha sabdathodum
G            Am       G
Sworgathil ninnirangi vannidumpol
Ethrayo santhosham
Ethrayo santhosham
Am         G           D     G
Ethrayo santhosham madhyakasathil

Mannilurangeedunna shudhimanmar
Kahalanadam kelkunna maathrayil
Pettennuyirthu vaanil chernnidume
Theeratha santhosham
Theeratha santhosham
Theeratha santhosham praapikumavar

Jeevanodi bhuthale paarkum shudhar
Roopandaram prapikuma nerathil
Geetha swarathodum aarppodum koode
Vinnulakam pookum
Vinnulakam pookum
Vinnulakam pookum dootha thullyarai

Kunjattin kalyana mahal dinathil
Thante kaanthayakum visudha sabha
Maniyarakullil kadakumannal
Enthethu santhosham
Enthethu santhosham
Ethrayo santhosham madhyakaashathil
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