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Ponnoliyil Kallara Minnunnu (പൊന്നൊളിയിൽ കല്ലറ മിന്നുന്നു)

Ponnoliyil Kallara Minnunnu

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Fr Abel
To play the song in C, place capo on 3rd fret.

       Eb               Fm
Ponnoliyil kallara minnunnu
        Ab         Eb
Mahimayude naadhan uyirkkunnu
Murivukalal moodiya meniyitha
Eb     Bb                  Eb
Niravolum prebhayil muzhukunnu

Thirusirassil mulmudi choodiyavan
Surabhilamam poomkathiraniyunnu
Eb                Bb
Kanneeril mungiya nayanangal
Kanakam pol minni vilangunnu

Ponnoliyil kallara...

Puka pongum marana thazhvarayil
Puthu jeevan poomthaliraniyunnu
Maanavarum swarga nivaasikalum
Vijayaanandhathil muzhukunnu

Ponnoliyil kallara...
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