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Kristhya Jeevitham Pol (ക്രിസ്ത്യ ജീവിതം പോല്‍)

Kristya Jeevitham Pol Phagyam ... Malayalam Christian Song
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         Fm        Db
Kristhya jeevitham pol
        Cm         Fm
Bhagyam paril endhullu
Ab         Cm        Ab       Bbm
Kristheeya jeevitham poleyulloru
      Cm        Db        Cm        Fm
Mahal bhagyamam jeevitham parilendhullu

Parihasam cholli sathru nerku varumpol
Sthothram paadi aswasippan sakthi nalkunna

Kutukaril paramayittenne pottunna nalla
Pettammayil anperunna yeshu porayo?

Kashtathayum pattiniyum earidunneram
Mana-klesam kudathe nilppan sakthi nalkunna

Maratha vagdatham thanna Karthave
Athil aasraichu paridathil vela cheyum njan 
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