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Nee Ente Sankethavum (നീയെന്റെ സങ്കേതവും)

Last updated on July 3rd, 2022 at 03:17 pm

Neeyente Sankethavum | Rona Kottoor | Samson Kottoor | Manorama Music

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Rona Kottoor, Samson Kottoor

Em               Am
Nee ente sankethavum
D             G
Nee ente kottayum
Em                Am
Nee ente praananaadhan
D         Em
Nee en Daivam

Em           Am          C      D
Aaraadhikkum njan poorna hridayamode
             G                 Em
Thedum nin mugham jeeva kaalamellam
            Am             D
Sevicheedum njan en sarvavumaay
C  D   Em

Em     Am     D
Adiyanithaa Deva
       Bm     Em
Adiyanithaa Deva
       Am     D
Adiyanithaa Deva

Nee ente rakshakanum
Nee ente vaidyanum
Nee ente aalambavum
Nee ente Deivam

Nee ente paalakanum
Nee ente aaswasavum
Nee ente maravidavum
Nee ente Deivam
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