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Jeevane En Jeevane Namo

Jeevane En Jeevane Namo Namo NEW HQ (with Lyrics)

Am                   G    Em
Jeevane en jeevane namo namo
Am                   Em   Am 
Jeevane en jeevane namo namo
Am           G
   F               Em
pradhanaam krupaakaraa – nee
Am    F      G            Am
Va-va-vaanor vazthum naayakaa

Sarva loka nayakaa namo namo
Jeevanattavanil kaninja
Niramaya varadha – nee
Va-va-vanor vazhthum naayaka

Jevajala-palakaa namo namo
Dhivya kadhiyil vyapichandhatha
Mattum bhaskaraa – nee
Va-va-vanor vazhthum naayaka!

Mannavendhra saadharam namo namo
Manukulathini – valiya reksha nal-
kiya dhaya-paraa – nee
Va-va-vanor vazhthum naayaka 
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