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Yahovayaam Daivame Aaradhana

Songwriter/Translator/Composer M S Marshal, Renjith Christy

Yahovayam Daivame..Latest Christian Worship Song | Br. Renjith Christy | Bineesha Babji | Ms Marshal

To play in Am scale, put capo on 1st fret.

  Bbm      Db      Ab     Bbm
Yahovayaam daivame aaradhana
    Bbm      Db           Ab     Bbm
Parishudhane mahonnathane aaradhana (2)
         Gb         Bbm
Sakalathinum udayavane
         Ab            Gb  Ab     Bbm
Sakalatheyum chamachavane  aaradhana
Ebm    Db       Ab     Bbm
Aaradhana angek aaradhana (2)

Mayangathavane aaradhana
urangathavane aaradhana
Ebm             Db Ab     Bbm
Samathana prabhuve aaradhana
Ebm    Db       Ab     Bbm
Aaradhana angek aaradhana (2)

Nallidayane yehovaye
Angeku thulyanaayi aarullu
Karuthuna daivame aaradhana
Aaradhana angekaaradhana (2)

Elshadayiye aaradhana
yahova nissiye aaradhana
Israyelin raajave aaradhana
Aaradhana angekaaradhana (2)
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