Ethra Nallavan En Yeshu Nayakan

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Gm                D
Ethra nallavan en Yeshu nayakan
F         Bb     D         Gm
Eethu nerathum nadathidunnavan
Gm      Cm        Bb       D
Enniyal theeratha nanmakal cheitavan
F       Bb       D      Gm
Enne snehichavan hallelujah 

Nayakanavan namukku munpilai 
Nal vazhikale niratheedunnavan 
Nandiyal padum njan nallavan Yeshuve 
Nadengum goshikum ninmaha snehathe 

Priyarevarum prathikoolam aakumpol 
Parileridum prayasa velayil 
Pon mukham kandu njan yathra cheitheeduvan 
Ponnu nadhan krupa nalkane dasaril
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