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Vazhi Thurannidum (വഴി തുറന്നിടും)

Vazhi Thuraneedum -Kester

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Don Moen
Malayalam Version of God Will Make A Way by Don Moen.

A             E
Vazhi thurannidum
       D             E
Daivam vazhi thurannidum
   D            A
En dukhathil en bharathil
D          E
Aashayatta velayil
A           E
     D              E
Daivakaram pravarthikkum
D              A
Nalkidum yeshu aashvaasam
D          E
Van karathinaal
D     E      A
Daiva shakthiyaal

F          G            C      
Yeshu ente aathma nathhanennum
F          G          Am
Kaividilla orunaalum enne
D             E
Aakaasham bhoomi
       C#m        F#m
Sarvam maarippoyaalum
D        E         F#
Maarilla nin daya ennil

Vazhi thurannidum...

Viduthal nalkidum
Daivam viduthal nalkidum
Nerunna prayasathil
Yeshu viduthal nalkidum
Illaatha velakalil
Thirumaarvil enne marachu naathan
Aashvasam nalkum
Sahayam nalkum

Yeshu ente aathma nathhanennum...

Rogam maattidum
Yeshu saukhyam nalkeedum
Nerunna en rogathil
Yeshu saukhyam nalkeedum
Vedana duritham
Sarvam eri vannaalum
Vachanam ayachu nathhan namme
Saukhyam ekkeedum
Shakthi nalkeedum

Yeshu ente aathma nathhanennum...
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