Yeshuvin Naamam Madhurima Naamam

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F               Bb        C
Yeshuvin naamam madhurima naamam
Gm              C    F
Ina illa naamam impa naamam

F                Bb
Paapathin bharam sapavum neekum
F                 C      F
Parama sandhosham ekidum naamam

Parimala thailam pol yeshuvin naamam
Paarengum vaasana veesidum naamam

Vanilum bhoovilum melaya naamam
Vaanathi vaanavan yeshuvin naamam

Vagdathamakilavum nalkidum naamam
Aasrithark alamba dayaka naamam

Muzhankalukal ellam madangidum naamam
Evarumorupol vanangidum naamam

Ethra mahalbhutham yeshuvin naamam
Parisuthan parisuthan parisutha naamam
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