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Yeshu Nallavan Avan Vallabhan (യേശു നല്ലവൻ അവൻ വല്ലഭൻ)

Yeshu Nallavan Avan Vallabhan | Sharreth | Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs | യേശു നല്ലവൻ

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Traditional

E                        B
Yeshu nallavan avan vallabhan
         E   B        E
Avan dayayo ennum ulladhu
         A    B           E
Peruvellathin irachchil pole
             B                 E
sthudhicheeduga naam avande naamam

E      A          E
Halleluyah Halleluyah
Mahathavavum, njaanavum
B           E
Sthothravum bahumaanam
Shakthiyum balavum 
   C#m  B    E
En ye---shuvinu

Njaan yahovaykkaay kaatthu kaatthallo
Avanengalekku chaanju kettallo
Naashakaramaam kuzhiyil ninnum
kuzhanja chettil ninnum kayatti


En kaalgale paaramel nirthi
En gamanatthe susthiramaakki
pudhiyoru paattenikku thannu
En karthaavinu sthuthikal thanne


Ende karthaave ende yahove
Neeyozhike enikkoru nanmayumilla
Bhoomiyilulla vishudhanmaaro
Avar enikku sreshtanmaar thanne

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