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Aanandit Raho Prabhu May (आनंदित रहो प्रभु में)

G        C              
Aanandit raho prabhu may
D        Em
Aanandit raho
    C             D
Mai phir se kehta hoon
     C          G
Sada aanandit raho

G               C
Jab tumhara man bojhil ho
D             C         G
Chalte chalte thak gaye ho
Bm        C
Apna bojh prabhu pe daal do
D        C       G
Usko hai tumhara khayal

Aanandit raho...

Jab tumhara pran vyakul ho
Jeevan may niraasha ho
Rakho apna bharosa Prabhu par
Jeevan ko aanand se bharega

Aanandit raho...

Jab tumhe log sataya karein
Mere kaaran tumhari ninda ho
Himmat na haro sab kuch sah lo
Swarg me hay tumhara bada pratifal

Aanandit raho...
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സത്യവേദപുസ്തകം - Malayalam Bible
पवित्र बाइबिल - Hindi Bible

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