Yeshuve Ninne Snehippaan

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Lyrics/Music: Pr Babu Cherian

E             F#m
Yeshuve ninne snehippaan
     B              G#m
Ente ullathil krupa nalkane
C#m         A
Ninnekalini onnineyum njan
B                E
Snehippan idayakalle

E              B   F#m
    D                E
Lokatheyum-njan snehicheedalle
C#m         A
Lokavum athilulla'thokkeyum
B               E

Yeshuve ninne...

Loka'snehathin nissarathvaum
Njan grahippan krupa nalkane
Mathru'snehavm prithru'snehavum
Sodara snehaum thenne

Yeshuve ninne...

Daivathe snehikkunnavar-
kkulla nanmaye thiricharivaan
Ente ullathin kankale thurakkaname
Nalla karthaave

Yeshuve ninne...
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