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Aarppin Nadham Uyarunnitha (ആര്‍പ്പിന്‍ നാദം ഉയരുന്നിതാ)
Aarppin Nadam | Wilson Piravom | George Koshy Mylapra | Christian Devotional Songs Malayalam

Songwriter/Composer/Translator George Koshy Mylapra

F              Bb      F
Aarppin nadham uyarunnitha
C                 F
Hallelujah hallelujah
F                   Bb        F
Mahathwathin raajan ezhunnellunnu
C                 F
Koythinte adhipanavan

  F         Bb    F
Poyidam van koythinay
Gm      C       F
Vilanja vayalukalil
            Bb     F
Nedidam van lokathekkal
Gm        C       F
Vilayerum aathmavine

Irulerunnu paaridathiil
Illini naaladhikam
Ithiri vettam pakarnnidam
Itha njan ayakkename

Poyidam van...

Aare njan ayakkendoo
Aarini poyidum
Aruma nadha ninimbaswaram
Muzhugunnen kaathukalil

Poyidam van...

Oru naalil nin sannidhiyil
Varume anadiyaar
Ozhinja kaikalumayi nilpaan
Idayayi theeraruthe

Poyidam van...
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