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Yeshu Mathi En Yeshu Mathi (യേശു മതി എൻ യേശു മതി)

Yeshu Mathi | യേശു മതി | Sayanora Philip | RAFA radio™

Songwriter/Composer/Translator C O Jacob, Jessy Paul

A       E      F#m     C#m
Yeshu mathi en yeshu mathi
    A         F#m       A
Nin sanidhyam mathram mathi
        E      F#m       C#m
Oppam mathi enikkoppam mathi
Bm         F#m       A   E
  Appa nee mathram mathi
A          D       A
  Eppozhum koode mathi

F#m          D
Thazhvarayil kunnukallil
A        E
Jeevitha bharangalil
Bm         E
Nindakalil nirashakalil
C#m     D     A
Neeruna manasathin

A          D   Bm     A
Thekkan kaatin thenalukal
C#m         D       Bm     E
  Mandamayi veeshum nerangalil
Bm                  D         E
  Naasham vithaykum   eeshana moolan
F#m       D      Bm          E
  Veeshipadakine thakarthidumbol


Chuzhalikattin bheekaramam
Thirathalli padakine
Kaattine shasichu karthanavan
Kadalil shanthatha kalpichavan

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