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Mathiyayavan Yeshu Mathiyayavan (മതിയായവൻ യേശു മതിയായവൻ)

Mathiyaayavan Yesu Mathiyaayavan malayalam christian songs
D                           G
Mathiyayavan yeshu mathiyayavan
A                           D
Jeevithayaathrayil mathiyayavan

D                          G
Papathin shampalam maranamenna
          A        D
Shapathil kazhiyuvore
         G               D
Avanaanu jeevan jeevante appam
G         D       A        D 
Jeevan theranavan mathiyayavan

Mathiyayavan yeshu...

Irulil vazhi thetti veezhuvore
Marubhoomi yaathrakkare
Avanaanu deepam nalloru paatha
Jayamay nadathuvan mathiyayavan

Mathiyayavan yeshu...

Pala vathil thedivalanjavare
Phalamenye oduvore
Avanaanu vaathil nalloridayan
Arikilanaykkuvan mathiyayavan

Mathiyayavan yeshu...

Rogathin bharathal thalarnnavare
Aasha nashichavare
Avanaanu vaidyan sugandhathailam
Pakarnnidanavan mathiyayavan

Mathiyayavan yeshu...

Dukhangal bharangal ullavare
Kannuneer veezthuvore
Avananu rakshakan samadhana prabhu
Kannuneer maykkuvan mathiyayavan

Mathiyayavan yeshu...
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