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Yeshuvin Pinpe Poyidum Njanum (യേശുവിൻ പിൻപേ പോയിടും ഞാനും)

Yesuvin pinpe - Lyrics & Music : Tibi George, Singer: Kester

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Tibi George

F        Bb   C  Gm      Am  C
Yeshuvin pin--pe poyidum njaanum
       Gm  C                F
Pinmaruki--lla yaathra maddhye
F         Bb  C  Gm      Am  C
Aarellaam en--ne thalliyennaalum
       Gm  C           F
Pinmaruki--lla orikkalume

F           A  Dm  C
Shoonyanaam en mel jeevane nalki
Bb            Gm  C       F
Manyanaay thertha snehamorthaal
            Bb   C   Gm      Am   C
Enthu njaan nal--kum yeshuve naa--tha
            Gm   C       F
Poornnamaay enne thannidunne

Ammayekkaalum snehichu ente
Thinma marannu nanma nalki
Enthu njaan nalkum nin snehamorthaal
Nandiyaal paadum ennumennum

Paapiyaamenne nediduvaanaay
Yagamaay thernna thyaagamorthaal
Enthu njaan nalkum en prana naathaa
Nin vela cheyyum anthyam vare

Yeshuvin pinpe...
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