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Kazhinja Varshangal Ellaam

D                     A
Kazhinja varshangal ellaam
G                            D
Maranathin karinizhaelshathenne
Karunayin chirakadiyil
D         A          D
Pothinju sukshichathal

D                 Em
Nanniyal niramju maname
A                        D
Nanma niranja mahonnathanaam
      Em     A                  D
Yeshu rajane ennum sthuthippin

Shunyathayin naduvil
Jeevanum bhakthikkum vendathellaam
Kshemamai yeki enne
Jayathode nadathiyathal

Gothampu polenneyum
Paatteeduvaan shathru anajeedumpol
Viswaasham kaathathinal 
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സത്യവേദപുസ്തകം - Malayalam Bible
पवित्र बाइबिल - Hindi Bible

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