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Anganen Sarvavum (അങ്ങാണെൻ സർവവും)

Anganen Sarvavum (You are my all in all cover) | Praise Generation

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Dennis Jernigan, Thejus Joshy
Malayalam version of You Are My All In All

D           A                 Bm  
  En balaheenathayil balavaan nee
               D          G
Thiru vachanam ente nikshepam
        A    D   A
Anganen sarvavum

D        A              Bm
  Ee lokathinte dhanathekkaal
      D              G
Vilayeriyathu njan nedi
        A    D
Anganen sarvavum

D    A        Bm   D
Yeshuve Daiva kunjade
G      D              A
Thirunamam ethra yogyame
D    A        Bm   D
Yeshuve Daiva kunjade
G      D  A  D
Angennum  yogyan

Ente papathin nindha
Ellam krushil vahichu
Anganen sarvavum

Veezhchakal enthu vannalum
Thirukkarangal enne thaangum
Anganen sarvavum
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