Thangum Karangal (താങ്ങും കരങ്ങൾ)

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Thangum Karangal | J V Peter | Kester | താങ്ങും കരങ്ങൾ

Lyrics/Music: J V Peter

D                A
Thangum karangal undu
      Em               D
Ninte hridayam thakarumpol
Bm              A
Shashwatha para yeshu
      Em    A         D
puthu jeevan- pakarnnidum

   G         Em
Bharam valiyatho-nukam
Thanguvan kadinamo
E                 A   Em
Snehithar dushikumbo--ol

Thangum karangal...

Kannuneerin thazvarakal athi
Ghoramam medukalum
Maranathin kurirulil

Thangum karangal...

Kalvari malamukalil kodum-
Thiru raktham chorinjavanil

Thangum karangal...

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