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Ente Purakkakathu Varaan (എന്റെ പുരയ്ക്കകത്തു വരാൻ)

165.എന്റെ പുരയ്ക്കകത്തു വരാൻ Ente Purakakathu Varan with Lyrics

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Pr Reji Narayanan
Hindi version: Yesu Tu Mere Ghar Aye (येशु तू मेरे घर आए)

     F#m            E
Ente purakkakathu varaan
     A          F#m
Njan porathavanane
     A            E
Ente koodonnirippanum
Njan poraathavanane

Oru vakku mathi
Enikkathu mathiye
Oru vakku mathi
Enikkathu mathiye

Ente purakkakathu varaan...

 F#m          E
Asadhyamonnum ninnil
Njan kaanunille
             E        F#m
Adhikarathil ninnepol aarumille
   A            Bm
En jeevitham maarum
Oru vakku nee paranjal
   A              Bm
En ninavukalum maarum
Oru vakku nee paranjal
Nee paranjal deenam maarum
D            F#m
Nee paranjal maranam maarum
A       E
Yeshuve nee paranjal
D       E
Yeshuve nee paranjal
F#m  E    F#m

Oru vakku mathi...

Ente purakkakathu varaan...

Eniku pukazhan aarum ee bhoomiyilille
Yeshuvinepol sreshtan veerarumille
En niraashakal maarum oru vakku nee paranjal
En pizhavukalum maarum oru vakku nee paranjal

Nee paranjal paapam maarum
Nee paranjal shapam maarum
Yeshuve nee paranjal maarathathenthullu

Oru vakku mathi...

Ente purakkakathu varaan...
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