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En Yeshuvin Sannidhiyil (എൻ യേശുവിൻ സന്നിധിയിൽ)

En Yesuvin Sannithiyil Ennum...Old Malayalam christian song (SHARE)

G                   C
En yeshuvin sannidhiyil ennum
D                   G
Geethangal padidum njan
       C       D       G     Em
Thante madhuriameridum namamathe
        Am         D       G
Sthuthi geethangal padidum njan

     G                  C
Kannuneeravan thudachidume
    D                  G
Karunayin karam neetidume
     C       D       G     Em
Ente kalvari nayakan yesumathi
      Am       D       G
Ninte papangal akattiduvan

Paraman vili kettidumpol
Paramanandam labhichidume
Ninte akruthyangal okeyum
avan krupayal athivegam akannidume 
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