Akashame Kelka

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G           Bm
Aakasame kelkka
Em                   Am
bhoomiye cheviye tharika
       D     Am         C
Njan makkale potty valarthy
    G      D         G   B7
Avarennodu malsarikkunnu

Kaala thante udayavante
Kazhutha thante yajamaanante
Pulthotty ariyunnallo
En janam ariyunnilla

Aakasame kelkka...

Akruthya bhaaram chumakkum janam
Dushpravruthikkarude makkal
vashalayi nadakkunm janam
Daivam aarennariyunnilla

Aakasame kelkka...

Aakasathin perinjarayil
kokkum meeval pakshiyum
Ava thante kaalamariyum
En janam ariyunnilla

Aakasame kelkka...

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