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Yeshuvin Thiru Paadhathil (യേശുവിൻ തിരുപാദത്തിൽ)

Yeshuvin Thirupadhathil | V Nagel | Evergreen Christian Devotional Songs | Malayalam Christian Songs

Songwriter/Composer/Translator V Nagel

F              C7                       F
Yeshuvin thiru paadhathil irunnu kelkka naam
                C7                      F
Thante vishudha vaakyathil nammude jeevanam
Yeshuvin suvishesham divyamam upadesham
F        Bb   A        Dm
Kelkkuka naam kaakkuka naam
C               F
Jeevante vaakyangal

Daiva vachanam jeevanum shakthiyum aakayal
Athma reksha undevanum ullathil kaikkondal
Athma maranam maarum neethiyil avar vaazhum
Kelkkuka naam kaakkuka naam
Jeevante vaakyangal

Andhanu kazhcha nalkuvan vachanam njanamay
Sathyathil athu kaakkuvan swargathin dhaanamam
Ozhiyan nithya naasham kaalinnoru prekasham
Kelkkuka naam kaakkuka naama
Jeevante vaakyangal

Sathya Daivathin bhakthanmar vachanam kaakkayal
Sal prevruthikku shkathanmar aakunnu naalkkunaal
Daiva mugha presadham nithyam avarkkahladham
Kelkkuka naam kaakkuka naam
Jeevante vaakyangal

Lokangal avasanikkum vaanavum illathal
Daiva vaakku premanikum bhakthanu nithya naal
Vaattam maalinyam naasham illathoravakasham
Kelkkuka naam kaakkuka naam
Jeevante vaakyangal
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