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Njan Enne Nin Kaiyyil Nalkidunnu

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Lyrics/Composition: Evg Robin Cherian

A                      D
Njan enne nin kaiyyil nalkidunnu
Bm                 E
Samboornamayu enne mattename
F#m                D
Enn prarthana onnu kelkkename
Bm               E       A
Nin Hitham ennil poornamakann

A               D
Ennae samarpikkunnu
    E                   A            
Nin kaiyyil njyan poornamayu
F#m            D
Ennae nirakkename
      E                   D
Ennae nithyavum nadathaename

Ennae kazhukanae nin rakthathal
Shudhikarikkanae nin Vachanathal
Neethikarikkanae nin neethiyal
Soukhyamakkenae poornamayi

Ennae samarpikkunnu...

Nin shnehathal ennae nirakkenamae
Parishudhathmavinal nirakkenamae
Nin aalochanayal nadathaenamae
Nin Hitham ennil poornamakan

Ennae samarpikkunnu...
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