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Parishudhan Mahonnatha Devan (പരിശുദ്ധൻ മഹോന്നത ദേവൻ)

Parisudhan Mahonnatha Devan | പരിശുദ്ധൻ മഹോന്നത ദേവൻ | Maria Kolady | Shijin P Chako | Neha Sanil

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Kiran Pradhan, Bhakthavalsalan
Malayalam version of Saari Srishti Ke Malik Tumhi Ho

    A         D        A
Parishudhan mahonnatha devan 
             C#m      D
Paramengum vilangum maheshen 
Bm                   E
Swargeeya sainyangal vazhthi sthutikkunna
E7                 A
Swarloka nadhanaam mishiha

A        D      E
Ha ha ha halelluya 
         A      F#m
Ha ha ha halelluya
         Bm     E
Ha ha ha halelluya
Ha ha ha halelluya

A        D      E
Ha ha ha halelluya 
         A      F#m
Ha ha ha halelluya
         Bm     E
Ha ha ha halelluya
E7  A

Avan albhutha manthriyaam daivam 
Nitya taathanum veeranaam daivam 
Unnatha devan neethiyin sooryan 
Rajadhi rajanam mishiha

Ha ha ha halelluya...

Koda kodi than dootha sainyavumai
Megha roodanai varunnitha viravil 
Than preeya suthare thannodu cheerppan 
Vegam varuneeshu mashiha

Ha ha ha halelluya...
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