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Aathmanadhi Ennilekku Ozhukkuvaanaayi (ആത്മ നദി എന്നിലേക്ക്‌ ഒഴുക്കുവാനായി)
Aathma Nadhi Ennilekku | ആത്മ നദി എന്നിലേക്ക്‌ | LYRICAL VIDEO | Malayalam Christian Song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Lizykutty Rajeev

F                               Gm
Aathmanadhi ennilekku ozhukkuvaanaayi
                Am         Dm
Aavalode njanum kaathirunnappol
F                     Am          Dm
Aathma naadhan ennodu than karuna katti
Gm           Bb         C        F
Aathma nadhi ennilekkum avan ozhukki

Aathma nadhi ente paadangal nanachappol
Aanandhathaal enteyullam thulumbippoyi
Puthiyoru shakthi ennilekken naadhan
Anu nimisham pakarnnu thudanghi

Aathma nadhi ente muttolam etthiyappol
Aakulam marannu njaan aaradhichu poi
Athyantha shakthiyalen mankoodaramangu
Pandhu pole ponghi ponghi thudanghi

Aathma nadhi ente arayolam etthi
Aarumariyaathoru bhaasha njaan cholli
Manushyarodalla en daivathodu thanne
Anya bhashayil samsarichu thudangi

Aathma nadhi ente shirassolam etthi
En paadangal tharayil urakkatheyai
En dhehathinu  thellum bharam illathayi
Aathma nadhiyilangu neendi thudangi
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