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Stuthi stuthi En Maname

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Cm            Fm     Cm
Stuthi stuthi en maname
            Fm     Cm
       Eb        Fm
Nadhan nalthorum cheitha
Gm       Ab
Nanmakal orthu
Eb          G         Cm
Paaduka nee ennum maname
Eb          G         Cm
Paaduka nee ennum maname

Cm             Gm
Ammyayepole thathen
   Eb  G          Cm  
    Eb       D         Cm
Samadhanamai kidannurangam
              Fm         Cm  Bb
Dhinam dhinam thante maravil
Eb            G          Cm
Dhinam dhinam thante maravil

Kashtangal eridumbol
Enikkettam adutha thunayai
Khoravvairiyin naduvilaven

Bharathal alanjeedilum
Theeraa roghathal valanjeeduilum
Thannedum roghasooukhyam

Sashaya shailamaven
Sangeethavum kottayum than
Than karuna bhahulamathu
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