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El-Yah (എൽ-യാഹ് )

Last updated on July 3rd, 2022 at 03:02 pm

El-Yah | Malayalam christian worship song | Anil Adoor

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Anil Adoor

Elaatilum melaya
Ore-oru naamam
      E            B         F#
Elaam muzhankaalum madanguna naamam
Elaam naavum paadum
Yeshuvin naamam
      E           B        F#
Oppam paranjidaan inayilla naamam

B            F#
Albhuthamaya naamame
G#m           E
Athishayamaya naamame
B              F#
Aashcyaryamaya naamame
G#m           E
Adhikarumalla naamame
     G#m          E
Pathinayirangalil sundarane
B        F#
Sharonin rojave
B         A          E       B
Angeyakku thulyanaye angu matram

En kettukalle azhichu
Yeshuvin naamam
Sarva vyaadhiyum maatiya naamam
En bhayamellam maati
Yeshuvin naamam
Enne shakthanyi maatunna naamam

Albhuthamaya naamame...

Shatruvine thakartu
Yeshuvin naamam
Enne jayaliyaye maatiya naamam
En ullil vasikunna
Yeshuvin naamam
Enne aashcharyamaakunna naamam

B      A 
El-yah Jehovah
E      B
El-yah Jehovah
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