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Bhayappedenda Ini Bhayappedenda (ഭയപ്പെടേണ്ട ഇനി ഭയപ്പെടേണ്ട)

Bhayappedenda Ini Bhayappedenda | Franco | R S Vijayaraj | Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs
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Songwriter/Translator/Composer R S Vijayaraj

Am                 G        Am
Bhayappedenda ini bhayappedenda
F     Dm       Em     Am
Emmanuel ninte koodeyundu      
Ennamillathulla nanmakal oorthal
Dm                 Em    Am
Varnipan aayiram navukal pora

Bhayappedenda ini...

Am                 D7
Simhangal naduvil thallapettalum
F           G
Am             D7
Theechula nine mudiyennalum
F           G
Kanmani pol ninne kaakunna daivam
Dm                 Em      Am
Thannulam kaiyil vahichudumennum

Bhayappedenda ini...

Koottinai aarum koodillennalum
Koode sahippan aarumillennalum
Thannullam kaiyil varachavan ninte 
Koode nadakkum koode vasikum

Bhayappedenda ini..

Ennamillathulla nanmakal...

Bhayappedenda ini...
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