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Pranapriya Pranapriya (പ്രാണപ്രിയാ പ്രാണപ്രിയാ)

Nandhi Yeshuve | Pranapriya | Wilson Piravom | Dr. Binu Jose Chacko | Malayalam Christian Devotional

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Dr Binu Jose Chacko

Pranapriya pranapriya
         C                   D
Changile chora thannenne veendeduthavane

G                  Am
Pranapriyan thante changile choreyal
D                 G
  Enneyum veendeduthu
     C       Bm
Krupaye krupaye
     Am               G
Varnippan asaadhyameyathu

G             Em
Nanni yeshuve nanni yeshuve
    C                    D         G
Nee cheytha nanmakalkku orayiram nanni
G                         Em
En Shakthiyalalla kayyude belathalalla
    C                D        G                
Nin daya alleyo enne nadethiyathu
     C        Bm       Am
Ninnathu krupayal krupayal
D         G
      C       Bm      Am
Nirthidum dayayal dayayal
D         G

G                 C        G
Kozhithan kunjine chirekadiyil
Am         G
Marekkum pole
G                     C        G          
Kazhukan than kunjine chirekin meethe
Am         G
Vahikkum pole
G               D
Enniyal enniyal theeratha nanmakal
Am                  G
Cholliyal cholliyal theeratha vankrupakal

Nanni yeshuve nanni yeshuve...

Koorirul thaazhvarayil bhayam
Koodathe enne nadethiyathaal
Vaishamyamedukalil karam pidich
Enne nadethunnathaal
Enniyal enniyal
Theeratha nanmakal
Cholliyal cholliyal
Theeratha vankrupakal
Enniyal enniyal
Theeratha nanmakal
Cholliyal cholliyal
Theeratha vankrupakal

Nanni yeshuve nanni yeshuve...
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