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Asadhyamai Enikonnumilla

Last updated on July 6th, 2022 at 07:47 pm

Gm              F
Asadhyamai enikonnumilla
     F7                  Gm
Enne shakthan aakumnavan mukandiram
Gm                 Eb
Budhikatheethamam athiyalbhuthangalal
C                F
Ente daivam enne nadathunnu

Gm              Bb
Sadhiyame ellam sadhiyame
   F                   Gm
En yeshu en koodae ullathal

Bharam prayasangal vanneedilum
Thellum kulungukayilla ini
Budhikatheethamam divya samadhanam
Ente ullathilavan nirakunnu
Sathanya shakthikale jayikum njaan
Vachanathin shakthiyal jayikum njan
Budhikatheethamam sakthiyennil nirachenne
Jayaliyai nadathunnu

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