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Jeeviykkunnu Enkil Kristhuvinayi

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Jeevikunnu Enkil | Lyric Video | Late Br. Chikku Kuriakose | Dream Music
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      E                     F#m
Jeeviykkunnu enkil Kristhuvinayi
     B                   C#m
Paadidunnu enkil Daivathinayi
        F#m                  D
Nalla daasanayi njan theernnathinal
   B        A        E
En maranam enikkathu laabham

E                   F#m
Lokathin mohangalil neengi
B                        E
Paapathin daasanayi njan theernnu
      E                   F#m
Nashtamayi poya kaalangal orthue
     B                       E  
Ente Daivathin sannidhe njan chennu  

Jeeviykkunnu enkil...

Enne snehippan Yeshu bhoovil vannu,  
En perkkayi krooshil Naadhan pidanju
Thante Thiru raktham enikkayi cheenthi,
Enthoralbhuthame mahal sneham

Jeeviykkunnu enkil...
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